Three Days of Zagreb and Surroundings for Families

A family trip means you need more activities and compromises, preferably with as little stress as possible. To begin with, Zagreb is a safe and open city, comfortable to live in, where most places can be reached on foot and a large part of social life takes place outdoors. Add to this a rich past, modern present day and many attractions for all ages, and a great time for the whole family sounds like a fool-proof plan. To get to know the city well, and please the interests of both the adults and the kids, we suggest an event-packed family itinerary.

Day 1

The sightseeing of Zagreb can start with a walk in the busy streets and squares of the Lower Town. Don’t forget to stop by the Manduševac Fountain on the main Ban Jelačić Square and toss in a coin to make your wish come true. In Bogovićeva Street, find the Grounded Sun sculpture and take the role of a space adventurer looking for the planets of the Solar System orbiting around the Sun. Don’t worry, the first four of them are close. The Museum of Illusions in Ilica Street will capture the attention of both the young and the old. After a nice lunch break, take the famous Funicular to the Upper Town enter the world of the old Zagreb. Go to the top of the Lotrščak Tower and admire the view. If you want to have a unique experience, consider taking one of the available theme or interactive guided city tours in accordance with your family’s preferences. You can spend the sunset in the Botanical Garden, a green oasis in the middle of the city.

Day 2

Now that you already know your way around central Zagreb, let’s go a few steps further. Use the morning to visit another museum. The Technical Museum Nikola Tesla will fire the imagination of little explorers and bring back some memories of science classes to their parents; while the interactive 80’s Museum is like a time machine that will evoke nostalgia in some visitors, or introduce a previously unknown time period to others. Save the rest of the day for an excursion to the popular Maksimir, the largest and most beautiful public park in Zagreb. It is also home to the Zagreb Zoo, the oldest institution of its kind in Southeast Europe. It might not be the biggest, but its charm and its inhabitants will definitely leave a good impression. If you have any energy left, take a stroll through the parks of the so-called Green Horseshoe in downtown Zagreb, and maybe you come across a live concert or a festival.

Day 3

After all the perks of the city life, take one day to enjoy the lush countryside around Zagreb. The list of potential day trip spots is long but the distances are not, so we suggest you head for Moslavina or Turopolje. On local family farms and agritourism estates you will find everything you need for a perfect day outdoors – tasty homemade food and drinks, relaxing rustic atmosphere, a lot of green spaces and activities for children, including play areas and farm animals. It’s almost certain that there must be a nice scenic walking or a cycling trail nearby if you feel like engaging in more physical activity.

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