Sljeme – Nature Park within Easy Reach

Medvednica or the Zagreb Mountain rises behind the city's back and for the locals it is the most popular place for relaxation and outdoor activities. Colloquially called Sljeme, after the highest peak of 1,033 metres, it is the favourite getaway for all generations, at any time of the year. This wooded, 40-kilometre wide mountain range holds many attractions and points of interest, so at the same time it can be a training ground for future Olympic skiing champions or a peaceful location for a family picnic.

Medvednica has always been closely connected to the history of Zagreb, and traces of history can be seen in sites like the medieval fortress of Medvedgrad or the old Zrinski silver mine. But first of all, Medvednica is a green beauty with rich flora and fauna, which gave it the status of a protected nature park and earned it the nickname „The Lungs of the City“. It is full of marked walking, hiking and cycling trails to suit all tastes, and mountain lodges are there to provide refreshments in a traditional way. Along with numerous natural and cultural attractions under the open sky, you can also explore the underground in Veternica Cave.

This splendour of intact nature and rich heritage is situated in the close vicinity of the city and it is easily accessible by either private or public transport. Whether you are an adventurer, excursionist or a sportsperson, Medvednica offers something for everyone, and it is impossible to get bored with it.

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