Three Days of Zagreb and Surroundings for Foodies

Local cuisine is an attractive combination of various influences, Croatian wines can stand on equal terms with any others on a global wine list, the restaurant scene is dynamic and diverse, and Zagreb's hospitality will be a cherry on top of your experience. If you want to meet the city not only through its streets, people, attractions and sites but also through a healthy dose of hedonism, this itinerary can help you out.

Day 1

Blend with the people of Zagreb and have a coffee on a downtown terrace of your choice, while watching the world go by. Then go to Dolac, Zagreb's central food market, and enjoy the colours and aromas of local seasonal fruits, vegetables, dairy, meat and bakery products, and all other delicious things from all parts of Croatia. In the lower, indoor section of the market, say hello to the legendary lady vendors called kumice, selling cheese and cream, and you can also get up the courage and taste something. Now when you are probably quite hungry and thirsty, take a break somewhere nearby, and have a gemišt (white wine spritzer) and a typical Zagreb lunch. Full and happy, take a walk through the lively Tkalčićeva Street, climb to the Upper Town and casually stroll around the oldest and most charming part of Zagreb. While you're here, visit the popular Museum of Broken Relationships. In the evening, treat yourself to culinary creations prepared by local chefs in one of the restaurants recommended by the Michelin Guide.

Day 2

Use this day for further exploration of Zagreb's gustatory potential, but for a change, you can roll up your sleeves and get down to business yourself. Have a food tour, take a cooking class and learn how to prepare the irresistible štrukli, or go truffle hunting in the forests of Medvednica Mountain. In the afternoon you can study the relatively young but very exciting craft beer scene in Zagreb. In both the eastern and western suburbs you will find a craft brewery where it is possible to take a tour, and then relax in the tap room, with appropriate snacks. And there is still time to go back downtown and check out the nightlife.

Day 3

It is time to take a short break from the city and visit its green surroundings, where you can see where the best Croatian sparkling wines, as well as some top-notch still wines are born. Plešivica is geographically small but an up-and-coming wine region located only some 40 minutes from Zagreb, on the gentle slopes above the town of Jastrebarsko. It is also a place where the local wine road meets a cheese road, which is pretty convenient. Call in advance for a tasting in one of family-owned boutique wineries, and the hours spent along with great wines, homemade charcuterie, a vineyard walk, a tour of the wine cellar and a pleasant conversation with the winemaker will pass too quickly. Do not forget to book a table for a filling dinner in a traditional restaurant around Plešivica, or in the nearby town of Samobor, and try the best local dishes.

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