Zagreb Top 10

Ideal for sightseeing by foot, Zagreb reveals most of its attractions in the old part of the city divided into Upper and Lower Town.

    1 . St Mark's Square

The square is home to the Croatian Government, Parliament and Constitutional Court. But as graceful and stately as these buildings are, they take a back seat to the stunningly prety St Mark's Church, a crown jewel of Upper Town.

  1. Lenuci Horseshoe

This remarkable 19th-century patchwork of squares and parks is home to numerous scientific and cultural institutions, and represents the high point of Zagreb urban planning.

  1. Dolac

Zagreb's biggest and most charming farmers' market, Dolac is a colourful display of local fruit, vegetables and quality produce from all around Croatia.

  1. Mirogoj

More than a burial ground, this stunning cemetery is also a serene oasis and an open-air sculpture park.

  1. Funicular

The world's shortest cable railway used for public transport, Zagreb’s funicular has been connecting the Upper and Lower Towns since 1890.

  1. Maksimir

Opened in 1794, Maksimir is the oldest and, according to many locals, the most beautiful of Zagreb’s parks. It is landscaped in the English style, with several lakes, pavilions, and the accompanying Zagreb Zoo.

  1. The Cathedral

This largest sacral building in Croatia has been rebuilt many times since its inception in the 13th century. It assumed its present Neo-Gothic look in the 19th century.

  1. Špica ("The peak")

Known as the “Špica”, the pedestrianized stretch between Ban Jelačić Square and Petar Preradović Square (also known as Flower Square) is Zagreb's celebrated cofee strip. The inviting café terraces serve as a vast open-air living room, and epitomize Zagreb’s cofee-drinking culture. Špica is what makes the Lower Town a open living room for every Zagreb citizen.

  1. Lotrščak Tower

One of the best-preserved parts of Zagreb’s erstwhile fortifications, Lotrščak Tower also houses the Grič cannon, which is fired every day at noon.

  1. Medvednica

The northernmost parts of Zagreb lie at the foot of Mount Medvednica – a pristine nature park and a favourite local day-trip destination.

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