Zagreb in 72 hours

Sticking around for three days allows you to enjoy a much fuller experience of the Zagreb way of life. This gives you enough time to explore the city's highlights, make a local café your own and learn to navigate the tram network. You could even venture out on a day trip to the surrounding countryside. However you choose to travel, Zagreb has plenty to ofer.

Day One – Zagreb Must-Sees

Start the day by feeling the real pulse of the city at Dolac Market. Watch those vivacious market vendors and soak up the atmosphere. Take your time – hurrying is not the way to go in Zagreb. Treat yourself to a bite to eat from a bakery and stop for cofee. After that, have a stroll around Kaptol, Opatovina and Tkalčićeva streets. Climb to the Upper Town to explore its timeless charms.

Take a ride on the funicular to reach the Lower Town where the urban hubbub truly begins. Even so, there are plenty of cozy places where you can enjoy a quiet drink and a bite to eat. Dritfing along the Zagreb " špica" is the way to get in on the latest fashion trends, and look out for excellent places to do some shopping.

The most pleasant sightseeing route is the one provided by the Lenuci Horseshoe. Not only does it reveal the prettiest areas of the Lower Town, but it also boasts some of the best museums in the city.

The city's most popular entertainment strips are Tkalčićeva street, Opatovina and Petar Preradović Square. Take your pick from the countless cafés and restaurants there and enjoy your first genuine Zagreb night out.

Day Two – Outside The City Centre

Start the day by visiting a local café for cofee. Every neighbourhood in Zagreb has a few interesting places where you can enjoy this typical morning ritual.

Use this time of day for an outdoor activity. Hire a bike or go for a walk in a park. Wherever you are in Zagreb, there is always a park around the corner: Maksimir, Jarun, Tuškanac and many more.

Cross one of the bridges over the river Sava and get to know the south side of Zagreb too. Spend some time in the Museum of Contemporary Art, then walk to nearby Bundek – a splendid expanse of parkland in Novi Zagreb. Not far from there is also an atractive golf course, stretching along the Sava riverbank.

In the evening pick a special place to eat out. The choice is limitless, from bistros to high-end restaurants, and good food is guaranteed.

Day Three – Best Day Trips

By now you know that the best way to start the day is to make time for the cofee ritual. Afer that, you are ready to explore Zagreb’s versatile surroundings. You can opt for nearby Sljeme and Samobor. With charming historic towns, castles, manor houses, archeological sites, nature parks and World Heritage sites of pristine beauty, the choice is really endless. Enjoy!

Zagreb Card

The Zagreb Card is the best way to cover Zagreb’s major sights and save money along the way. It includes free public transport, free entry to several must-see atractions, as well as discounted prices in many restaurants, shops, museums and other places of interest.

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