Mountain Huts – Homemade food and Cosy Atmosphere

Each of almost 70 hiking routes on Medvednica Mountain will sooner or later lead you to one of around ten mountain huts. Initially serving the purpose of offering hikers a shelter to rest in, today the Sljeme mountain huts are synonymous with homemade food and socializing. Their menus are fairly similar, unpretentious and reduced to traditional standards such as bean stew, cottage cheese with sour cream, roast turkey with mlinci, all kinds of goulash, sausages, boiled potatoes sautéed with onions, sour cabbage or grilled meat. Many people’s favourite moment of their outing is a warm, freshly baked sweet cheese or seasonal fruit strudel, a simple dessert which, along with orehnjača and makovnjača (walnut and poppy rolls), is a must in every mountain hut’s offer. The foray to Medvednica can at the same time be a foray into the dishes that have been classics of the Zagreb cuisine for decades, which can now be tasted in a uniquely relaxed atmosphere and beautiful natural surroundings.

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