Zagreb Cuisine

The people of Zagreb are open-minded, inquisitive, fond of socialising and the little joys of life – and this is exactly what their cuisine is like. Through centuries under the rule of and in the vicinity of other nations, Zagreb gastronomy collected influences from everywhere – from Austrian, Hungarian, Italian, but also Turkish and oriental cuisines. Its basis, however, have always been the local ingredients coming from Zagreb’s fertile and hard-working surroundings. The food has to be rich and enjoyable, and the gathering of friends and family around the table is always a true feast. The old Zagreb cuisine is actually an ideal blend of peasant food and sophisticated Austrian heritage. The Zagrebians hold homemade bread in high regard and while they consume a lot of meat, meat products, potato, eggs and local varieties of pasta, they also eat a great deal of vegetables and dairy products, notably cottage cheese and sour cream. A true, honest meal needs to proceed unrushed, according to the set scenario from the entrée and soup, through the main course to dessert, all washed down with local wines, sometimes additionally with rakija or liqueur at the beginning or at the end of the meal. Although the best way to get to know the richness of Zagreb cuisine would be a Sunday lunch in a local family’s home or a summer open-air barbecue, there are enough traditional restaurants both in and around the city with an offer which will faithfully represent all the flavours and smells synonymous with home cooking. 

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