Zagreb Truffles – Forest Treasure on the Outskirts

In Zagreb, mushroom hunting is a respected and popular pastime activity, so the forests around the city can be teeming with adept foragers after rain, both hobbyists and serious hunters. During the season, farmers' markets in Zagreb are full of fresh forest mushrooms, most often boletus. Yet, few people know that a real edible treasure is hidden underground on the outskirts of Zagreb – black truffles. These rare wild mushrooms grow in dense and wet forests, mostly oak and beech, common on the slopes of Medvednica Mountain. Knowledge and experience is required for truffle hunting, and since they are hidden beneath the ground, it is impossible to find them without specially trained dogs. The aromatic truffles are the tastiest when they are freshly shaved, and they are also often used to spice up cheese, honey, chocolate or honey brandy. In Zagreb you can enjoy the unique experience of guided truffle hunt, combining a forest adventure with the pleasure of tasting this exclusive treat in one of the selected restaurants in the city. Another proof that the folks of Zagreb genuinely appreciate mushrooms is the Mushroom Museum just off the main square, exhibiting more than 1500 species of freeze dried mushrooms.

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