Must visit restaurants in Zagreb County

Zagreb County may lie in the shadows of the great city of Zagreb when it comes to the restaurant scene and haute cuisine. On the other hand, herein lies its advantage. The Zagreb surroundings are best known for the experience of enjoying traditional homestyle cuisine, in a peaceful and authentic environment. Going out to eat is often part of a family outing or social gathering, or an organised getaway from the city, giving this type of meal added value. However, even the most relaxed guests expect above all a well prepared and served meal. Throughout the entire Zagreb green ring, there are numerous restaurants that cook with skill and care, meeting the highest standards. The classical continental cuisine is most prized, highlighting the local nuances and regional distinctiveness, and many restaurants stand out for their high quality, impressive creativity and modern approach. Since most of these restaurants are found on or near the local wine roads, the experience becomes fully rounded. That is why an outing into the Zagreb surroundings for a new culinary adventure is an absolute must!

  1. Kod špilje

Also known as Grgos, named after its owner, this restaurant like its name (kod špilje = eng. by the cave) stands literally next to the cave at Otruševec and is a beloved weekend destination for the city dwellers. Here you can find excellent continental cuisine based on local ingredients, with a high-end approach. Rural elegance in the very best sense, in a peaceful, green environment and cosy atmosphere.

  1. Gabrek 1929.

The number in the name does in fact refer to the year of establishment. That’s a lot of tradition, and the Gabrek team have the local cuisine down perfectly. The emphasis is on meat and mushrooms, and if you’ve always wanted to know what a lavish Samobor family lunch looks like, you’ve come to the right place. Don’t miss out on trying the mushroom soup.

  1. Karlo

The proud owner of a terrace that might just have the most beautiful view over the Plešivica vineyards, Karlo is the crème de la crème of the Plešivica restaurant scene. Don’t let the rustic wooden house fool you – everything that comes into the kitchen is fresh and local, and the plates coming out of the kitchen are masterfully prepared and a delight both to see and to taste.

  1. Zeleni papar

A popular choice for Sunday lunch or family celebrations, Zeleni papar (eng. green pepper) is known for preparing Croatian classic cuisine with an emphasis on local and seasonal ingredients. Not a slave to trends, this restaurant confidently blazes its own path, and the hospitality of the hosts brings guests back time after time.

  1. Food Book by Dino & Vule

The newest place on this list also features the most modern approach and the most diverse menu. This playful bistro in Ivanić-Grad is the brainchild of young and ambitions chefs. The menu is based on fusion, with a mix of continents, Mediterranean and global influences, always featuring fresh ingredients.

  1. Ljubekov gaj

Imagine a peaceful, rural estate on a hilltop, the warmth of wood, homestyle cuisine paired with wines from the family vineyard, a spacious courtyard – this is Ljubekov gaj. This is a place to visit just as much for the atmosphere and peaceful ambiance as for the delicious, generous portions of rustic dishes.

  1. Potkova – Trajbar team

The Potkova (eng. horseshoe) restaurant is situated in the midst of the large and elegant equestrian estate near Zaprešić. The ambiance, service and classic cuisine rise high above its rural surroundings, making guests feel like the aristocracy at their country homes of times past.

  1. Ivančić

On the wine-growing hills of Plešivica is this family restaurant that features a combination of traditional and modern hospitality, with stunning views. The culinary experience is rounded out with wines produced on site.

  1. Mon Ami

One might not expect a top quality, old school seafood restaurant in Velika Gorica, but that’s exactly what Mon Ami is. Featuring both Adriatic and continental delicacies, the Michelin guide has rewarded its long tradition and excellent quality with its recommendation.

  1. Slavagora rural estate

In the heart of the Samobor hills is Slavagora, a settlement that boasts of stunning views over the hilly landscape, the old Okic grad ruins, Zagreb and the surrounding areas. Here we find the Kuzmanović – Slavagora rural estate.  The house was built in line with the traditional architecture of the region, and tradition is also offered on the table, with excellent homestyle cuisine and wines, spirits and juices produced on site.

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