Craft Beer in Zagreb

The popularity and widespread availability of beer in Zagreb goes without saying, but with the emergence of small craft breweries over the past few years, the scene has really flourished. Nowadays, beer lovers can choose from a whole range of beer genres and styles, as well as a large number of specialized pubs, bars and shops to satisfy their needs. At the moment, there are more than 15 craft breweries of various sizes operating in Zagreb and its surroundings, all connected by enormous enthusiasm and passion for brewing. The largest and the oldest is Medvedgrad Brewery, founded back in 1994, which owns a chain of pubs serving food. Local food and beer go together in family-owned Mlinarica restaurant, now also an aspiring microbrewery. As the best way to taste beer and learn the story behind it is to visit the brewery itself, some craft breweries have a taproom and you can take a tour. So far this is an option at Zmajska Brewery and Garden Brewery. No matter if they are open for regular visits or not, quite a few craft breweries in the city host various events on the premises or at partner bars, from concerts and music evenings to cooking shows, theme festivals and pub quizzes. What started as a beer revolution, evolved into something bigger, and now the craft scene constitutes an entirely new part of Zagreb’s nightlife. Indeed, it proves that diversity means richness.

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