Zagreb Restaurants – Abundance of Styles

In the last few years, the restaurant scene in Zagreb has been more active and exciting than ever. Like in any major European city, it is varied and follows trends, but also sticks to local specifics and tradition. From modern bistros with an international flair and creative fine dining restaurants, to local eateries and diners that haven't changed in decades – when you want to eat out in Zagreb, you have a broad range of genres and options to choose from. The oldest continuously operating restaurant in Zagreb opened in 1913. What has changed since then, and what remained the same? When they go out, Zagrebians still want to eat well, in good company, without rushing, preferably something familiar and homemade, but taken to a higher level. Old family-owned eateries with typical local food still exist, they are highly appreciated, but modern times and a new kind of audience have introduced many innovations. Moreover, the diversity of the dining scene also reflects the richness of different culinary influences that shaped the gastronomy of Zagreb. On one side you have convenient and fast street food, from the west to the east, from burger to ćevap. Furthermore, you have numerous representatives of ethnic cuisines, as an always welcome change of pace from the local tradition. All faces of Croatian cuisine can be seen in its capital, including both Dalmatian seafood dishes and Slavonian specialties. Lately, there has been a rise in popularity for the bistronomy movement – cosy, unpretentious restaurants with well-prepared, value-for-money dishes, always based on local, seasonal ingredients, with a touch of creativity. Of course, there are also a number of ambitious upscale restaurants, with some major players. Noel is the first restaurant in Zagreb to gain a Michelin star, and around a dozen more come with strong recommendations. Croatian gastronomy is appealing, varied and rich, and Zagreb is the hub of it all.

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