A green break from the city center

In the eastern part Maksimir, in the western part Jarun, and in the southern part Bundek - those are the three most famous parks in Zagreb with completely different personalities. While the oldest of them, Maksimir, hides the Zoo, forest, pavilions and lakes under his wing, Jarun is a favourite recreational zone of the people of Zagreb, and its wider green belt is also proud of its golf courses. Cycling and hiking trails, exercise equipment, but also numerous cafés call for an escape from the city bustle. In addition to recreation, visitors go to Bundek for refreshments because the well-kept beaches, lakes and cafés and modern playgrounds for children provide content for a refreshing stay in nature.

A nature park that watches Zagreb's back

Moving away from the details, on the horizon is the mountain Medvednica, a nature park that is an ideal destination for a day trip. The most famous peak Sljeme and other sites of this beauty that rises above the city are accessible by public transport and car, but they are most popular as a destination for hikers and cyclists who enjoy its groomed trails. In any season, Medvednica and its paths are a real break from everyday life.  

Unusual walks

Few people know that on the southeastern outskirts of the city there is a Bird Safari, an ornithological reserve on the Savica lakes that will be gladly visited by true nature lovers. The list of interesting walks also includes Mirogoj, the largest city cemetery, which is also a park and an open-air art gallery. The Green Zagreb awaits visitors with its enchanting scenes and refreshing locations, and whoever they go to, they may find old public faucets, many of which are still in use today, and thus refresh themselves further.

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