Discover the first Fine Dining Restaurant with the Michelin star near Zagreb

Croatian gastronomy is enriched by another Michelin star, that of the Korak wine cellar, located on the slopes of Plešivica, in the immediate vicinity of the Croatian capital. This is the first prestigious star in Zagreb County and a further confirmation that Zagreb County as a tourist destination is the right choice for lovers of both Fine Dining and world-class wines. Sustainability and environmental friendliness are one of the objectives of tourism in this county, as confirmed by Bernard Korak in the preparation of the dishes and by the quality of the products, which is why Michelin has awarded this restaurant another Michelin Star - the Michelin Green Star.

This is the first restaurant, apart from Noel in Zagreb, with this prestigious label, where you can enjoy excellent food and wine, looking at destinations from the seaside and the Adriatic all the way to Slavonia. Michelin's description of the restaurant highlights the quality of the dishes, the two degustation menus and the restaurant's location overlooking the vineyards on the hilly slopes of Plešivica, describing the overall experience and service as attentive and elegant. By the way, it is well known that at the Korak family estate, run in synergy by the fourth and fifth generations, all family members contribute to the dedicated production of premium wines, excellent cuisine and experiences.

The Croatian Tourist Board, the Ministry of Tourism and Sport and the Zagreb County Tourist Board welcome the decision of the prestigious Michelin Guide and underline the value of this "star" for Croatian continental tourism.

This is just another confirmation that the Zagreb County is a tourist destination with a well-deserved place on the world's gastronomic map. 

The Michelin star is a strong quality seal and confirmation of the excellent quality of the food and the quality of the ingredients used in the preparation of the dishes. To find out more about the rating of Korak Wine Cellar and the other restaurants in the Guide, visit the website of the prestigious Michelin Guide website of the prestigious Michelin Guide.

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