Cycling on Sljeme – A Two-Wheel Forest Adventure

Along with runners and hikers, cyclists also use the rolling wooded slopes of Medvednica Mountain for recreation. In order to be able to ride freely, the two-wheel adventurers were provided with nine dedicated cycling routes of various lengths and difficulty levels. There is one ridge route and eight circular ones. Each route intersects with another so it is possible to combine them and plan your own way. Of course, the routes lead you to Sljeme attractions and mountain huts so cyclists can always stop for sightseeing or refreshment. Apart from the standard cycling routes, Medvednica has a special treat for experienced mountain bikers yearning for challenges and seeking to relish the nature – a special Enduro route connecting Sljeme and the city of Zagreb. Six kilometres in length, it provides the cyclists with the necessary dose of adrenalin as well as a singular forest experience.

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