The Sava River – Zagreb's Green Promenade

For centuries the Sava River flowed and thrived outside Zagreb city limits, and only in modern times did it start to divide the city into New Zagreb in the south, and its larger older part in the north. Because of this remoteness from the core of the city, the area around the river has remained largely intact, green and full of open space. Around a hundred years ago, the citizens discovered the possibilities that the Sava holds for leisure time, so in the first half of the 20th century there was a public bathing area on the river. After the great flood of 1964, the embankment was built and the banks became a long promenade, a favourite place for joggers, hikers and cyclists, while in some parts fishing it is also possible. Ever since housing blocks, parks and sports facilities were built nearby, and especially after the lakes of Jarun and Bundek got revitalized, the Sava has started to play a more active role in the city's life. When the people of Zagreb feel like doing something outdoorsy, the Sava embankment is one of their main spots. No wonder, when a glance at the flowing river and large green fields always arouses that nice feeling of freedom.

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