Sljeme – A Hikers' Paradise for All Generations

The mountain of Medvednica is neither an alpine mountain range nor a gentle, rolling hill – with its 1033 m peak, to the people of Zagreb it is a mountain made exactly to their measure. Going to Sljeme is a mandatory ritual. Although the summit and other points can be reached by car, by public transport, and soon again by cable railway, most people choose hiking. From its westernmost to its easternmost end, from the Zagreb to the Zagorje side, the mountain is 40 km long and 6 km wide and has an abundance of hiking and educational trails. Everyone can find a route that suits them depending on their ability and interests, which is why, especially at the weekend, Medvednica is full of joggers, walkers and hikers of all kinds – from families with children and pet dogs, pensioners, and students in field lessons to serious recreationalists and professional athletes. There are around 70 routes, the more popular ones being the Bliznec and Miroslavec educational trails, the Leustek and Bikčević routes, Šumarev put, or Horvatove stube. Everyone can find their ideal combination and the choice often depends either on some of the attractions along the route or on the closest mountain hut. The exhausted hikers’ favourite reward is the traditional home made food offered by the huts and hanging out in a cheerful atmosphere.

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