Maksimir – A Park and a Monument in One

Maksimir is a green oasis and the pride of Zagreb since 1794, when it was opened and presented to the citizens as the first public park in Southeastern Europe. Named after its creator, Bishop Maksimilijan Vrhovac, it grew from the original design in the French Baroque style to the later renovation in the English landscape style. Along with lush meadows perfect for picnics, numerous trails and paths, dense forests and five ponds, Maksimir is also adorned with significant cultural monuments and buildings, like the Pavilion of Echoes, Belvedere, Tumulus or the Swiss House. Since 1925, it is the home of Zagreb Zoo, the oldest one in this part of Europe. Besides having the status of a protected monument of park architecture and being on the list of Zagreb's cultural heritage, Maksimir holds a special place in the hearts of all Zagrebians, who have been coming here to walk, jog, play, commune with nature, seek shade, socialise, visit various events, have an excursion or just enjoy fresh air for more than two centuries.

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