Zagreb Sightseeing – An Experience to Remember

Zagreb is a city made to man's measure, safe and well-suited to pedestrians, so finding your way around is not a problem, and you don't need a lot of time to visit most of the notable sites. Still, it is always better to get to know a city in the company of an informed local guide who can convey first-hand their own experiences and share some of the well and lesser known titbits about the city.

There is a wide variety of organised sightseeing tours of Zagreb. The most common one is, of course, the basic, general tour on foot or on a tourist bus. However, as Zagreb is a pleasant and practical city, sightseeing can also be done in a less conventional way – by bike, Segway, an electric scooter, an electric tricycle or an early 20th century old-timer replica. Although it’s just a mid-sized city in European terms, with more than 900 years of documented history, Zagreb offers a multitude of possibilities for exciting theme tours highlighting certain historical periods or historical figures.

The old Upper Town is especially inspiring. In the evenings, its streets are an ideal stage for memorable (and often interactive) costumed sightseeing with a dose of mystery and fantasy. Witches and old legends come to life right in front of your eyes, transporting you to another era, inspiring your imagination.  For those who prefer to explore a new place through its tastes, there are culinary tours and workshops in which Dolac fresh food market is a must-see centre of action.

Even when we go further away from the old town and city centre, there is no lack of creativity or material for telling a different story of Zagreb from another perspective. We are certain that every visitor will be able to find the kind of sightseeing that fits their interests and possibilities. Tour guides are here to welcome you, and organised sightseeing was created to inform and entertain you as well as to quench your curiosity – being the best possible way for you to get to know a new city.

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