Mirogoj – Place of Eternal Peace and Beauty

The construction of Mirogoj, the central and largest Zagreb cemetery, located on the slopes in the northern part of the city, started in the second half of the 19th century out of sheer necessity. Since the beginning, it was not just a resting place for members of all religious groups, but also a remarkable piece of architecture. It is considered the best work of architect Herman Bollé, who designed the site in an elegant historicist style, with the monumental arcades, pavilions and cupolas as its trademark. In a way, taking a walk through Mirogoj is like taking a walk through Croatian history, because of the large number of historic figures and important people buried here. Also, Mirogoj is a place of immense value for the history of Croatian art, because many monuments and gravestones are works by some of the greatest Croatian sculptors. Besides its primary function, the large complex is also a park, an open-air gallery, and a harmonious urban design with a vision.

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