Jarun – The Zagreb Sea

For a long time, Jarun was just a backwater of the Sava, until in 1964 the river was contained by the embankment, and then the lake was physically separated from it. As part of the preparations for the World University Games in 1987, Jarun was finally revitalized, turned into a proper lake and a modern sports and recreation centre, the largest and most popular outdoor public area on the west side of the city. On one side, Jarun is closely connected with sports – a big rowing lane dominates the lake, and all over there are various training grounds and courts. On the other side, there are the Big Lake and the Small Lake with its beaches, replacing the sea in summer for many locals. The beach areas regularly receive the Blue Flag, as a guarantee of clean waters, suitable for swimming. There are also children's playgrounds, groves and spacious meadows that get filled with the smell of barbecue on weekends, making Jarun the perfect spot for a family outing. In summer, a good part of Zagreb's nightlife moves to Jarun clubs and bars. The lake is also a great place for fishing, and you can hear the legend of the giant catfish named Jura from older anglers. Of the four islets in the lake, the Islet of Youth is big enough to host concerts, being best known as the venue for the popular Inmusic Festival. The circular road around Jarun is around six kilometres long and divided into separate lanes. Apart from the road for cars, one lane is for cyclists and roller skaters, the other for pedestrians, and both are usually quite full. Ranging from extreme activities like training for triathlon, to pure leisure like a picnic on a blanket, everything is possible and accepted on Zagreb's riviera.

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