Naftalan—unique healing treasure from the depths of the earth

Thanks to the Pannonian Sea that used to cover parts of central Croatia, the area below Ivanić-Grad hides a true treasure: naftalan oil. Naftalan is made by distilling naftalan oil. Naftalan is petroleum mineral oil made by sedimentation of dead microorganisms' remains, and it is valuable due to its numerous healing properties. Not only is it valuable, but it is also an extremely rare natural phenomenon. It is so rare that it can only be found in two places in the world: in Azerbaijan and in Croatia. Naftalan was first found next to Ivanić-Grad in the 1960s, and in 1989, the Naftalan Special hospital for medical rehabilitation was founded. The Hospital is the only place of that kind in Europe.

Despite the fact that the commercial use of naftalan for medical purposes is a relatively new phenomenon, people have been aware of its beneficial properties for centuries. The first notes on naftalan were written by world traveler Marco Polo, but the notes referred to the sources in Azerbaijan, on the Silk Road. In Ivanić, it is successfully used to treat rheumatic diseases, spinal joint diseases, and skin diseases. The naftalan oil bath is a unique experience that has beneficial effects on your skin and body. Other than using naftalan for oil baths, experts have created special, naftalan-based cosmetic products: lotions, oils and shampoos. The products are used to complement treatments done in the Hospital, but are also available on the market.

People come to Naftalan for the powerful, black-brown oil treatment, and for the benefits of healing thermal water. Thermal water is also a remainder of the Pannonian Sea, and it is sourced 1300 meters below the ground. The salty oil water that is rich in minerals can prevent and treat numerous health issues, and is generally beneficial to the body. Regardless of its focus on a broad spectrum of health treatments, Naftalan is also a well-known wellness and spa destination. Naftalan offers accomodation with 137 beds, 26 of which come with top-standard service. A sports park near the Hospital complements everything Naftalan has to offer, and the Moslavina region, with its developed rural and wine tourism, has all merits needed to amaze the visitors who want to explore the region.

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