Active lifestyle in the Green Ring of Zagreb

Escape from the city does not equate with boredom—it is quite the opposite! Good-quality leisure in a calm rural area is the recipe for the greatest relaxation. Be it a sports activity brimming with adrenaline, or a calm, relaxing activity, we have got you covered here, you just need to indulge. The Green Ring of Zagreb is spacious, geographically diverse, and most importantly, it abounds with pristine nature. Almost as if it was made to be your field for countless outdoor activities. The selection of available activities is broad and attractive, as well as conveniently close.

  1. Adrenaline activities

For lively children, but also for every adult with their inner child, there is no better thing than to blow off steam in modern and exciting adrenaline parks, such as the Adrenaline Centre near Sveta Nedelja and Šervudska šuma located between Jaska and Zagreb. From paintball, archery and shooting, to zip-lining and artificial rock climbing, spending time in the fresh air has never been so fun.

  1. Horse riding

Calm rural areas and pristine nature are an ideal environment for horses. That is the reason why there is a number of horse ranches and clubs, such as Geronimo, Konjički ranč, Kurilovec ranch, Okuje ranch, Trajbar or the Mirnovec Ethno-farm. In addition to recreation for experienced horsemen, both children and absolute beginners have the opportunity for their first encounter with horses and horse riding. However, merely spending time in the company of these marvelous animals is enough to relax and unwind.

  1. Fishing

The Green Ring of Zagreb is a heaven for fishermen of all kinds. There are artificial ponds and lakes such as Rakitje, along with clear natural streams such as Bregančica in the Nature Park Žumberak–Samobor Hills. Numerous sports fishing clubs are active and are here for those with serious intentions, but weekend warriors are also bound to find a calm piece of land for themselves.

  1. Biking

Cyclotourism has found fertile ground in the vicinity of Zagreb. Imagine a nice recreational ride through calm and picturesque villages and mild forest areas, as well as some more demanding, exciting challenges for mountain bikers; you can find all that in a vast network of marked bike trails. The best part is that they are easy to combine with hospitality facilities, wine cellars and cultural-historical curiosities. There are also organized biking events, such as “Put bijele rode” and “Prvomajske biciklijade,”

  1. Jousting tournaments

The remains of medieval fortresses and numerous historical records show that the seemingly calm Zagreb area used to abound with important battles, knightly skirmishes, and many other turbulent occurrences. To honor the bygone ages, several events are held annually to relive the important battles and the glorious past, such as the Knights' Tournament of the Knights of Zelingrad or the Battle of Samobor. Despite being mainly spectator events, visitors, especially the young ones, have the chance to have a go at different knight-related games and skills.

  1. Photo safari

All you need for photo safari are a camera, compelling scenery and a good will. Enjoying nature and socializing are actually more important than artistic achievements and competition. A nature park, botanical, ornithological, zoological and forest reserves, nature monuments, significant landscape, well-kept walking trails... There is more than plenty of photo safari material if you visit the Green Ring of Zagreb on your own, and to see how it is done in an organized manner, check the annual traditional photo safari “Wonderful Žutica Forest” (“Čudesna šuma Žutica”).

  1. Golf

There is a small number of golf fields in Croatia, and one of them is located in the green Zaprešić area. The Novi Dvori Golf Centre is not a complete, 18-hole field just yet, but still is an attractive practice field with accompanying facilities offering plenty of action. Beginners can learn the basics of the sport, have fun, treat themselves to a nice meal in the restaurant, while more serious players can have their round of golf in the local golf-club Ban Jelačić.

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