Most beautiful viewpoints near Zagreb

The Zagreb County area is not particularly elevated–the highest point is the Sveta Gera point at an altitude of 1178 meters. The hilly and rocky areas are mostly situated on the western part of the Green Ring of Zagreb, and a bit fewer of them are on the southern part. Žumberak and Samobor Hills are the most suitable for hiking and walks. The fact that Zagreb and its surroundings do not have dizzyingly tall peaks and mountaineering challenges does not mean that there are not a lot of alluring walking trails in the middle of pristine, untouched nature. One of the rewards that follow every excursion and mountaineering expedition comes in the form of the view that displays the area. Every hiker is probably bound to find a view to take their breath away, so consider this list of viewpoints merely a guidance or a good starting point.

  1. Japetić

At an altitude of 879 meters, Japetić is the highest top of the Samobor Hills and a beloved excursion site. On one of the trails near the top, there is a viewpoint built in 1889, the same year the Eiffel Tower was built. No wonder it is under the protection of the Ministry of Culture. The iron tower-viewpoint is twelve meters high, and until 1960, it was located on the top of Medvednica. It presents you the unforgettable view of the nearby peaks Sljeme, Oštrc, Okić, Klek, Plešivica, St. Gera, even Bjelolasica and Risnjak, and when the weather is clear, you might even see the distant Alps. Little above the Tower, on the top of the steep meadow, there is the popular Mountaineering Lodge Žitnica, whose terrace has a nice, open view of the Svetojan Hills and Pokuplje in the distance.

  1. Samobor – Tepec and Old town

The Tepec viewpoint is located on the forest walking trail above Old town Samobor. The tower that we have today was set in 2007 by the local engineers' society where the old wooden tower used to be from 1913 to 1946. Despite being located at an altitude of only 368 meters, when you go up this 14-meter steel construction, the town of Samobor and its surroundings are literally at the palm of your hand.
On a 250-meter hill that rises above today's Samobor, there is a medieval fortress built in the 13th century. Today it is merely a forlorn ruin, but alongside the return to the glorious past and the days of knights, it will offer you an impressive view of the picturesque Samobor scenery.

  1. Plešivica

With its 779 meters, Plešivica is the second highest peak of the Samobor Hills in the area most renowned for its viticulture. Visitors can choose between several hiking trails, and the iron, 5-meter viewpoint tower awaits them all. The first such viewpoint was set in 1881, but it has deteriorated, just like some other later versions. Today's version was set in 1957, and it offers an inspirational view of tame villages and vineyards. You may meet paragliders, who prefer Plešivica as their take-off point.

  1. Sveta Nedelja – Kozjak

The Sveta Nedelja hills are mild and branched out, intersected with vineyards and fields, and they are ideal for gentle recreation. The highest point is Kozjak, with barely 300 meters of altitude, and it hosts a Radio and Television Tower. From Kozjak, you can regard the beautiful, broad view, and take in a healthy dose of green nature.

  1. Lović Prekriški, Žumberak

Lović Prekriški, once known as Lović Hill is located north from Ozalj and west from Krašić. You can visit it by car from Krašić and across Jezerina towards Vivodina–Kamanje. When you get to the viewpoint, the first thing you will see is a panel with a text written by Davorin Trstenjak (1848–1921), an educator, naturalist and travel writer, describing the beauty of the view: “Those who have not visited Lović Prekriški have not witnessed the beauty of Croatia.” Other than amazing views that are equally captivating during all seasons, you can enjoy walks in the magnificent nature.

  1. Sveti Križ viewpoint

Archaeological findings show that the small village of Sveti Križ Brdovečki near Marija Gorica used to be inhabited in the Iron Age. The first settlers have probably chosen that place for its conveniently elevated position that overlooks the whole valley of the Sava River. Sveti Križ Hill is the highest point of the area with its altitude of 310 meters, so the viewpoint was set here. The viewpoint shows you all four corners of the world, from the Samobor and Žumberak Hills, Medvednica, to the Macelj Hills, Slovenian valleys of the Sutla and Sava rivers, and the distant peaks of the Alps.

  1. Vukomerić Hills

Turopolje is primarily a lowland area with only a slight elevation in the south, on the Vukomerić Hills. The effortless Šumarica educational trail is an excellent way of familiarizing oneself with the nature of the Turopolje area. The trail includes the Lakovica viewpoint near the village of Kozjača, at an altitude of 232 meters, from which you can see Medvednica, the Samobor Hills and Klek in the distance. Somewhat lower is Jurašćak, the highest point of the southern ridge of the Vukomerić Hills. Even though people have not set a viewpoint here, nature has made sure that you can enjoy the view of Pokuplje, Kordun and Banovina from a small plateau.

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