Biking across the Green Ring of Zagreb

Biking through nature is the favorite form of recreation to many, and the green Zagreb area seems like it was made for cyclotourism. Other than the basic amenities such as neat infrastructure and marked routes, cyclists appreciate enjoying a clean landscape without much traffic, surrounded by the beauty of nature and adorned with some more notabilities that make the trip worth visiting. Of course, homemade food and a good drop somewhere along the way are always welcome for boosting motivation. Besides that, the terrain of the Green Ring of Zagreb is versatile enough to provide all travelers with different riding experiences according to their personal taste and preferences. The areas towards west are hilly and spotted with lakes, and on the way to south and east, there are forests and floodplains. Each microregion is dedicated to encouragement and development of cyclotourism, so they all offer multiple routes adjusted to all types of cyclists, from the adventurers who want more extreme rides, to family holidaymakers who have a moderate pace in mind.

  1. Dugo Selo–following the footprints of St. Martin

Getting to know Dugo Selo and its surrounding area by bike is a good combination of temperate city riding and cycling through the picturesque nature. The short Red route leads from the city center to the popular excursion site Martin Breg, and the Blue route, the longer one, will lead you across the Posavina plain and the hills of the Dugo Selo area.

  1. Moslavina

Near the towns of Ivanić-Grad and Kloštar Ivanić, there are three well-marked cycling routes: the Blue, the Yellow and the Orange route. They differ in length and the degree of difficulty, but they all share the starting point in Ivanić-Grad, from where they lead you through picturesque villages, fields, vineyards, forests and through the calm and green Moslavina area in general.

  1. Jaska

The Jastrebarsko area offers you numerous marked and unmarked routes, forest paths and roads. Everything is covered; from gentle rides on a leveled terrain to mountain biking on Japetić. We recommend the application Jaska Bike, which guides you through eight routes while giving you a plethora of information.

  1. Cycling along Kupa

The route that connects the center of Pisarovina with the Kupa River follows a paved road. It is unchallenging and suitable for family excursions. The area is full of marked cycling routes, and each of them bears authentic stories about the beauty of nature and about the legacy of Pisarovina: the Homeland route of Kupa, the Route of blueberries and chapels, St. Vid Route, Titanic Route, “From the village of storks to the village of storks” route, and the Route of horses and mushrooms.

  1. Samobor and its surrounding area

Seven cycling routes around Samobor include some easier, leveled road routes and more challenging, mountain routes, and they include very attractive forest sections and tours of some more distant interesting locations: Veliki Dol, Oštrc, Grgos cave, Old town Okić, Nature Park Žumberak–Samobor Hills, as well as other natural attractions and curiosities, along with the Ferryboat at Medsave.

  1. Sveta Nedelja hills and lakes

Cycling along three mountain roads is dynamic, and their picturesque landscapes will leave lasting impressions on you. During gentle, enjoyable rides along the route suitable for recreational riders and family excursions, you can get acquainted with the natural beauty of Sveta Nedelja lakes, the Sava River and the Ornithological reserve Sava-Strmec.

  1. Cycling across Turopolje

The town of Velika Gorica has a large network of walking-cycling routes, just like the whole Turopolje area to Posavina and Vukomerić Hills. During recreational walking or cycling, you can witness the beauty of nature, cultural-historical and ethnological values of Turopolje. Red, Green and Brown routes are here to cater to all needs.

  1. Zelina Hills

The cycling routes across the Zelina Hills cover different types of terrain, from macadam roads perfect for mountain biking, to paved roads for family excursions. On Kladešćica, there is a downhill route for an extreme ride through the forest. The Lonja route and the Wine route are also available.

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