The winter call of nature

After the awakening of spring, summer bloom and explosion of colors in autumn, Zagreb's winter landscape can seem too calm and monotonous at a first glance. But the green spaces still attract visitors, this time in a slightly different, subtle edition. The cold is not an excuse for people that dress suitably and equip well for the outdoor activities, because the reward always follows. A walk in nature is the best therapy against winter depression because the crisp winter air perfectly refreshes and fills the lungs. When you add white snow cover to the picture, the natural beauties of the Zagreb ring turn into scenes from a fairytale. Wandering during the coldest season brightens the mood and opens new horizons.

Each of the micro-regions of Zagreb County offers a handful of designed and marked walking paths of different difficulty levels and relief characteristics. The most attractive for mountaineers is the Žumberak-Samoborsko gorje Nature Park, where you can climb the peaks Japetić, Oštrc, Okić, Veliki Lovnik and Sveta Gera, with Pleševica in the vicinity. At the end of the road there will always be a mountain lodge or an inn where you can warm up with tea, mulled wine and homemade food. There is no shortage of educational and hiking trails in simpler, often forested terrain. There are hills of Sveta Nedjelja, Vukomeričke gorice, Sava-Strmec reserve, Varoški lug, Turopoljski lug, trails Marča and Žutica in Moslavina, Zelinska gora ... And many other beautiful, preserved places waiting to be discovered. Their flora and fauna are largely quiet in the winter, but offer more serenity, as well as the opportunity to observe natural changes.

When it snows, meadows and hills become a terrain for sledding and other winter joys. Did you know that a there is a sledding competition held for over a hundred years on Pleševica, down the oldest natural trail in our country? If you are not keen on active participation, it is always fun just to watch the traditional sledding cup and participate in the festivities. Of the other winter sports, skating is always popular, because some cities in Zagreb County, such as Samobor or Velika Gorica, set up outdoor skating rinks during the season. Passionate fishermen will also use winter for their hobby on numerous lakes and rivers. Fans of equestrian sports do not have to be stopped by the cold days, because many equestrian clubs in the vicinity of Zagreb organize field riding for the more experienced, or riding school for beginners.

A winter day spent outside, regardless of the type of recreation, can become an even more enjoyable experience if combined with a visit to one of the rural households surrounded by idyllic nature. It is also a kind of continuation of socializing with the environment, because tasting natural, seasonal products in an authentic environment completes the experience. And in the best way indeed – by supporting the local community and its sustainable development.

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