Green oases of the center of Zagreb

Locations, interesting details and events are tempting reasons to explore Zagreb, and the green areas of the city come to the fore - green oases that stand out in the spring and summer perspective of Zagreb as places that are definitely worth looking for. Where to go in the center of Zagreb in search of refreshing green, which, in addition to cooling, hides many interesting things? 

Step into the green city center

If you are on Ban Josip Jelačić Square and want to walk through the park or relax in the shade, take just a few steps and you will find yourself inside Lenuci Horseshoe or the Green Horseshoe, a masterpiece of 19th century urbanism that is still the center of greenery, but also of various events. It is a sequence of 7 squares and the Botanical Garden.

A series of parks and squares next to which famous buildings rise begins with the park Zrinjevac. The string of sites that were once enjoyed by the ladies of Zagreb continues with the Strossmayer Square and its park. It is followed by the Tomislav Square, and its park, nicknamed Tomislavac, where the lawn and benches are often crowded with singing youth.

Across the Botanical Garden to the western park

When you move from the eastern park to the western one, the Botanical Garden awaits you in the south. It is a place that nature lovers should not miss because it is rich with 5,000 plant species and subspecies. From the Botanical Garden, continue towards the Square of the Republic of Croatia, and the path will lead you through the Mažuranić Square. On the way, see magnificent buildings such as the Croatian State Archives or the Academy of Dramatic Arts, sit on a bench in the park or continue to Marulić Square where a green meadow surrounds a large monument to Marko Marulić.

Apart from the Green Horseshoe, from the main square you can also head towards the eastern walls of the Zagreb Cathedral and Ribnjak Street to find the green park of Ribnjak.

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