Japetić - an unforgettable view of the snow-capped Alps

At 879 meters above sea level, Japetić, highest peak of Samobor Hills is a favorite destination for picnickers and hikers. On one of the trails, not far from the top, there is a lookout tower built in 1889, when the Eiffel Tower was also built. The iron pyramid-lookout is 12 meters high, and until 1960 it was at the top of Medvednica. It offers an unforgettable view of the nearby peaks of Sljeme, Oštrc, Okić, Klek, Plešivica, Sv, Gera, and even Bjelolasica, Risnjak, and in clear weather like these days, especially in winter, even towards the Alps.

The ascent to Japetić is not overly demanding to take the opportunity and visit one of the most interesting lookouts and relax in the scenes of winter idyll, close to our metropolis.

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