Mountain lodges of Medvednica

In addition to being dotted with numerous hiking trails and natural beauties, the mountain Medvednica has several mountain lodges worth climbing, sometimes because of the view and always because of good refreshments or accommodation. Hiking trails 9, 11 and 45 lead to the Mountain Lodge Risnjak, and from there it is possible to reach Grafičar, Kameni svati and Kraljičin zdenac. Hiking trail 16 leads to the Mountain Lodge Runolist, next to which is the main Sljeme road and the bus station. One of the most beautiful is the Mountain Lodge Grafičar, located at an altitude of 864 meters, and it can be reached by following several trails, the most famous of which is the one that runs next to the Lagvić restaurant in Šestine. There is no road access to the Mountain Lodge Lipa, so on weekends and holidays only mountaineers can reach the top Rog, where it is possible to spend the night.  The lodge can be reached from Planina Donja and the Vejalnica pass above Čučerje. The largest Mountain Lodge Ivan Pačkovski, better known as “Puntijarka”, is located at 957 meters above sea level, below the top of Puntijarka. Unlike most homes that only work on weekends and holidays, Grafičar is open every day except Monday, and Puntijarka every day. Near Činovnička livada there is the Mountain Lodge Grofica, popular and very popular on weekends, and it is also known for its “Zagrebački odrezak” escalope, which is half a meter in size. It is possible to get to the Mountain Lodge Vugrovec via hiking trail number 1, which can also be reached by bus 261 from the station Dubec. Mountain lodges are often full of good atmosphere, especially since they offer excellent Croatian bean soup or cold beer to be enjoyed after a pleasant hike.

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