Museums of Zagreb – Choice for Everyone

It has been said that Zagreb is the city with the highest number of museums per capita in the whole world. Even if this is not an entirely proven fact, the number and diversity of museums, galleries and collections in the city is really impressive. While planning a trip to Zagreb, it would be a mistake not to save enough time for some of the most interesting ones, even if you want to explore them only briefly. The array of exhibitions on display is really extensive, starting from grand institutions founded more than a hundred years ago, and dedicated to big subjects like history, science and fine arts. They hold some unique treasures, like the Zagreb Mummy and the longest preserved text in Etruscan language in the world, or Nikola Tesla's demonstration cabinet. The buildings of Zagreb City Museum, the Home of the Croatian Association of Visual Artists (HDLU) or the Museum of Arts and Crafts are a special attraction on their own.  Even though they seem to be covering very specialized and narrow subjects, the interesting collections and intriguing stories found in the museums of school, hunting, mushrooms, chocolate, and war photography regularly attract wide audiences, too. Not to get the impression that it is all about institutions focused on the past, where visitors can only marvel at the content of precious display cases, there is also a whole new generation of modern and original projects, like the Museum of Illusions or the Museum of Hangovers. The Museum of Broken Relationships is world famous, and received an award for the most innovative museum in Europe. From families with children and young people seeking excitement, to demanding art and antique lovers, both permanent collections and temporary exhibitions in the city of Zagreb offer an opportunity for high-quality leisure time all year long.

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