Tuškanac – A Romantic Forest Walk

Within Zagreb city limits there are 17 park-forests, and the magnificent Tuškanac is among the most beautiful ones, and closest to the city centre. It is enough to turn right from the busy Ilica Street to Dežman Passage, take the first left uphill behind Saloon, and all of a sudden you are in the middle of a shady forest. Instead of traffic noise, you can hear bird chirp, crowded streets are replaced by hundred-year-old trees, and the only company are incidental passers-by. The forest area is surrounded by a residential area, quiet streets with some of Zagreb's loveliest summer houses and villas from the early 20th century. Nearby you can find Dubravkin Put, a nice 2-kilometre path; Rokov Perivoj, a secluded park lined with elegant old houses of high architectural value, and Cmrok Hill, a popular spot for picnics in summer, or sledding in winter. These tranquil forest havens descending the slopes of Medvednica Mountain towards Zagreb are the ideal solution whenever you are in need of a short break from the bustling city and don't have time for a longer trip. In Tuškanac, don't miss the outdoor stage from 1954, without any doubt the most beautiful summer cinema in the city.

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