Where does which tram go?

Zagreb's blue machines, AKA trams, are the main means of public transport and they run in all directions of the city. All trams have a number and final destination (i.e. tram turnaround) visible, so that's what you should look for if you want to know where and when they go. These lines are the way to the city districts, so if you want to immerse yourself in Zagreb neighborhood stories, you can go to an endpoint or any other interesting point. For example, lines 11, 12 and 5 go to the eastern part of Zagreb, or more precisely, to the Dubrava, Dubec and Maksimir turnarounds. Maksimir station is a great place to be, with the Maksimir Zoo and Maksimir forest park on one side, and Maksimir Stadium, home of the most popular Croatian football club – Dinamo Zagreb, on the other. Lines 2, 6 and 11 lead to the famous Črnomerec district, depending on the place of departure. According to the legend, Črnomerec was named after the owner of the butcher's shop, whom the citizens were allegedly afraid of and did not dare to object when he approximately assessed their amount of meat. It was said that he was giving them the stink eye (“črno meri”) while he was skimming off. Trams 1, 9 and 17 run to Borongaj, a district known for its "Borongaj can buildings" and the Railway Colony, one of the most interesting settlements in Zagreb from the 20th century. The oldest turnaround, the Sava Bridge, is located in the western part of the city, where trams number 4 and 7 run. If you are looking for pastime, either day or night, this is the place to be. The Sava River and the promenade along the river are on the one side, whereas on the other side you can enjoy Jarun, the largest park in this part of the city that lives day and night, due to the landscaped recreation zone, large pebble beach and numerous restaurants and cafes. Trams number 6, 8 and 14 run to southern part of Zagreb, with line number 14 running to starting point for Sljeme, Gračansko Dolje.

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