Zagreb steps

The famous song says that “the road of my life flows through the streets of Zagreb”. Similarly, one might say that stories, legends and other interesting things flow through the steps of Zagreb. Connecting small and large streets and the Lower and Upper Town, Zagreb steps or štenge have many adventures, but also lead to the best views. There is a total of 95 stone, wooden and concrete steps throughout the city, and some of them create authentic images of the city that are often sought after by those with attention to details. The longest are Alanske stube (Alan Steps) with 555 steps connecting Jahorinska Street and Gornje Prekrižje, and they were named after a peak on Velebit. Kapucinske stube (Capuchin Steps) connect Mesnička Street and Matoševa Street, and are also known as Vještičje štenge (Witch Steps) because, as legend has it, they were used by Zagreb witches to get to their gatherings. These wooden steps used to be quite dark, which ignited the imagination of the locals and created legends. Today they are lit by old lanterns and are a romantic choice for a promenade. An unavoidable walking path to the Zagreb School of Medicine consists of Schlosserove stube (Schlosser Steps) that connect Langov Square and the Šalata quarter. They were named after the famous Croatian doctor and naturalist Josip Kalasancije Schlosser, and today they are responsible for the physical fitness of professors and students alike. Athletes also like to include them in their running routes. Zakmardijeve stube (Zakmardi Steps) connect the famous Strossmayer promenade and Radićeva Street, and are known as a gathering place for students. Since there used to be a large mill between Kožarska Street and Radićeva Street, the steps there are called Mlinske stube (Mill Steps).

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