Zagreb views

Nowadays, photography is an inevitable means of capturing experiences. There is no need to buy postcards because now we have mobile phones that can capture everything, and Zagreb has several spots that are a must-have in every gallery.

From Jelačić Square towards the Green Horseshoe

If you take a walk from the city center towards the Railway Station, several palaces will catch your eye and lenses, such as the Neo-Renaissance palace where the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts is located. On the stretch of the so-called Green Horseshoe, which begins with Zrinjevac, there are other glorious buildings such as the Croatian National Theater decorated in a neoclassical style.

Moving away from the center towards the Sava River

Moving away from the center to the southwest, Zagreb is dominated by skyscrapers, especially those such as the so-called Raketa, Vjesnik or Zagrepčanka on Prisavlje. The Sava River plays a big role in the famous views of the city, and the three Zagreb bridges that connect the two Sava banks are recognizable landmarks of the Croatian metropolis. If you reach the Sava Bridge turnaround, you can cross the Sava on foot or by bike thanks to the eponymous bridge, which has long served as a bridge only for pedestrians and cyclists, and offers a great view of Željeznički most (Railway Bridge) AKA Hendriksov most (Hendrix Bridge). The Hendrix Bridge is recognizable for its appearance, but also for the graffiti for which it was named. The third and the so-called “central” bridge is Most slobode (Bridge of Freedom), which forms an important communication link between the rest of the city and New Zagreb. 16,000 tons of steel were used to build it, and parts of the bridge were built of stone carved on Brač.


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